5 Insane benefits of working out every day

No doubt you have heard over 100 times from 100 different
people that exercise is good for you. It can improve various markers of health,
make you feel better, and of course, make you look good naked.

But what about if you exercised every day?

Some people might suggest that it’s too much. Some might even say you’re obsessed. Some might suggest it can be dangerous.

I would say they are wrong, and there are a number of
serious benefits of working out every day!


Benefit 1 – Keeps you healthy!


Benefits of Cardio 

Daily cardiovascular activity (as little as 20 minutes!) has
a number of health benefits. The first, and arguably the most important, is
improved heart and cardiovascular health!

The heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle it needs to be worked to be kept strong and healthy. Without regular work the heart can become weak and inefficient, which can lead to numerous health implications down the line. By working the heart frequently we ensure it is kept strong and healthy, so it keeps pumping blood around the body quickly and efficiently. This ultimately reduces risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases!

Additionally, it also reduces risk of diabetes, stroke,
cancer, and metabolic syndrome. Seems like a pretty large benefit of daily
exercise to me!


Benefit 2 – Promotes Weight Loss!


Promotes Weight Loss 

One of the most important factors when it comes to losing
weight is your energy expenditure! Obviously the more energy you burn, the more
weight you will lose.

By exercising at a moderate intensity every day we increase
the amount energy we burn every day, we can increase our weekly weight loss

This can have knock on effects down the line, with weight loss being associated with looking better and increased self-esteem! Seriously, what’s better than looking and feeling better?


Benefit 3 – Improved Sleep Quality!


Better Sleep 

Good quality sleep is important. It is one of the key foundations that promote good health. Unfortunately poor sleep is becoming a common health problem in this day and age. Poor sleep is associated with various diseases, obesity and even depression.

But, there is some good news.

People who undertake regular exercise have shown to have
better sleep quality and improved sleeping patterns. These people also
demonstrated better wakefulness and attentiveness, and improved ability to
focus, throughout the day.

Daily exercise can actually improve sleep and therefore
quality of life.


Benefit 4 – Improved Mood!

Improves mood 


Exercise has shown to cause endorphin release throughout the body, which results in you feeling happier and more relaxed. This can improve your outlook on daily tasks, and even increase confidence.

By exercising daily we can see considerable improvements in
our mood, making us more positive and happier individuals!


Benefit 5 – Help you recover!



It may seem counter-intuitive, but light to moderate
exercise performed the day after a really heavy workout can improve recovery.

Moderate intensity activity promotes blood flow around the
body, which provides the muscles with nutrients while clearing lactate and
damaged tissue from the muscle.

By exercising daily you can recover faster and train more
frequently, maximizing the effects of your training!


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    I completely agree. After working out for years now, I feel better than I did in my 20's.

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