7 newbie mistakes to avoid when going to the gym

Going to the gym for the first time can be a little intimidating. Lots of new equipment, meatheads at every curl station, and people shouting and grunting all over the place. 

That’s what why I have provided you with these seven must know newbie mistakes to avoid when going to the gym, to make sure you fit right in!


Newbie Mistake #1 – Not having a program


Confused at gym 

Going to the gym without a program is like baking a cake
without a recipe. You know what you want the end result to be, but have no plan
on how to get there.

Without a program to follow you will find yourself wandering
around aimlessly, trying all sorts of equipment and not really getting any

A program provides you with a clear plan on how to achieve
your goal, and ensures you are maximizing your time spent at the gym.


Newbie Mistake #2 – Not warming up



A good warm up is essential to both getting the most out of your workout, and reducing the chance of injuring yourself at the gym. 

By doing a dynamic warmup you get the blood flowing around
your body, increase your body temperature and prepare your muscles and joints
for exercise. This not only reduces your risk of injury, but will allow you to
get the most out of your workout too!


Newbie Mistake #3 – Not training your legs



It is pretty common for beginner gym-goers to only train their ‘mirror muscles’. That means chest and biceps three times a week. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy training these muscle groups as much as the next person. The issue is by training them and nothing else, you will end up looking ridiculous. This big upper body and tiny chicken legs.

That’s why you should train legs by using squats, deadlifts and split squats at least once a week to keep yourself in proportion!


Newbie Mistake # 4 – Not doing compound exercises



Single joint Isolation exercises such as bicep curls, tricep
extensions and chest flies are fun, but they are not what make you big and

Large compound lifts such as bench press, pull ups, deadlifts and squats increase strength and muscle mass significantly, and have even shown to increase testosterone and growth hormone secretion after training, which can increase muscle mass and promote fat loss!


Newbie Mistake #5 – Missing workouts



When you start training you might be feeling sore or unmotivated about going to the gym. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.

Training consistently and keeping to your workout schedule
is the only way to build good training habits and actually see the results you


Newbie Mistake #6 – Not using proper form


Performing exercises with poor form is a good way to get
injured. Not only that, but using poor form changes the muscles worked during
the exercise, which can affect the results of your training.

Each exercise you do should be done with near perfect form. This will ensure the right muscles are working the way that they are supposed to, and will also greatly reduce your risk of getting injured at the gym.


Newbie Mistake #7 – Going through the motions


Just up to the gym is not enough to actually see results. You actually need to work HARD. That means lifting heavy things, building up a decent sweat, and pushing yourself.

Too many newbies come into the gym, spend half an hour on
the treadmill, do some light bicep curls and expect to see results. It is not
enough. You have to be willing to put in some effort to see the results you

Make sure you avoid these newbie mistakes when going to the gym!

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