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7 Surefire ways to motivate yourself to go to the gym regularly

I know we want to go the gym often. But unfortunately life can be very busy, which becomes mentally and physically draining. This can seriously sap your motivation, making you lethargic and lacking energy. This can result in poor motivation towards your gym schedule. So try these surefire ways to motivate yourself to go to


QOTD: What muscles do deadlifts work?

Great question of the day today. What muscles do the deadlift work? Now, I have a bit of a confession. I love the deadlift. I have heard people describe the squat as the king of all exercises, and I would have to disagree. The deadlift is king. You see you can cheat a squat by


5 Insane benefits of working out every day

No doubt you have heard over 100 times from 100 different people that exercise is good for you. It can improve various markers of health, make you feel better, and of course, make you look good naked. But what about if you exercised every day? Some people might suggest that it’s too much. Some might