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Best running techniques to run like a Badass

Running form is a seriously important component of performing at your best. By running with proper technique you move in a more efficient manner, by which you use less energy each individual step. This ultimately means that by improving your running form, you can run faster for longer and get the most out of your


QOTD: What muscles do deadlifts work?

Great question of the day today. What muscles do the deadlift work? Now, I have a bit of a confession. I love the deadlift. I have heard people describe the squat as the king of all exercises, and I would have to disagree. The deadlift is king. You see you can cheat a squat by


gym or swim

If you ask 3 different people the best way to lose weight fast, your most likely going to receive three very different answers. Some people swear by cardio, and some by weight training. But which is better for weight loss? And beyond that, which form of cardio? What are the best exercises to lose weight