I know we want to go the gym often. But unfortunately life can be very busy, which becomes mentally and physically draining. This can seriously sap your motivation, making you lethargic and lacking energy. This can result in poor motivation towards your gym schedule.

So try these surefire ways to motivate yourself to go to the gym regularly.

Motivation 1 – Get a gym partner

By getting a gym partner you have someone to keep you
accountable. By not showing up to the gym, you will let them down.

Not only that, but training with someone who has similar
goals makes training more enjoyable. You can work hard together, while also
pushing each other to become better. Extra motivation also comes from the
opportunity to challenge and compete with someone. A gym buddy provides a
perfect opportunity to do this.

Motivation 2 – Get new gym clothes

This may come across as a little vain, but who doesn’t like training in some serious gear. New Gym Bag? Hell yeah. If that doesn’t get you motivated, I don’t know what will.

But in all seriousness, looking good is a surefire way to
feel good. And if you feel good at the gym, you are more likely to keep going
to the gym.

Motivation 3 – Change to a new workout

If you have been following the same workout for a couple of months, it might be time for a change. Now I am definitely not advocating program hopping all over the place – this is a recipe for disaster. But if you have been sticking to the same program for 8-12 weeks, it might start to feel a bit stale, and changing to new program might be just what you need to increase motivation for the gym.

Motivation 4 – Train for something

Training towards something is a great way to keep motivation high. Whether it is a physique competition, a powerlifting competition, or a marathon, having something to work towards is incredibly motivational.

The opportunity to compete and challenge yourself is great
way to become better and really push yourself in the gym.

Motivation 5 – Reward yourself

Want that new toy but it probably isn’t necessary at the moment?

Use it as a reward for yourself. Set yourself a goal
orientated challenge (eg. Training 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks), and if
you succeed, reward yourself with a gift!

This is great way to improve your motivation levels for the gym, and may even get you a new car….

 Motivation 6 – Summer body

Just take a brief moment to think about the upcoming summer. Going swimming, heading to the beach, throwing on a swimsuit….

Wouldn’t it feel good to know everyone is looking at you? Just a little bit?

Again, a little vain, but who wants to get their shirt off
with a sloppy rig? Getting yourself in shape and looking good for this upcoming
summer should be a good source of motivation to get into the gym.

Motivation 7 – Feeling good about yourself

How good does it feel after crushing a solid workout? It feels amazing, the endorphins are running through your body, you’re happy, and you actually feel as if you have accomplished something.

There’s probably only one thing better. And that would be reaping the rewards of your training. How good does it feel to hit a new target or achieve a new goal?

Both of these feelings should be motivation enough to keep
going to the gym, because there is nothing better than feeling good about

So if your struggling to get to the gym, try these 7 ways to
motivate yourself to go to the gym!

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