What’s in my running bag?

Only the best! But to run hard, you need to the right gear. These are my favorites:

  1. Vibram Fivefingers. There’s no secret these shoes are my favorite. They are the best and maybe only way to have a pure, natural foot strike.
  2. A good GPS watch. You can’t run fast if you don’t know how fast you are actually going. A good GPS running watch will solve that problem.
  3. Merino Wool. Odor-free, warm, and moisture-wicking. Icebreaker is my fav.
  4. A good pair of socks. People often complain about shoes giving blisters. Well, it’s really the socks. So if you don’t have a good pair, then you’re stuck. I like the toe socks, of course.
  5. I like to carry my phone. Not for music but for emergencies. The Hipster belt is my first choice for phone lugging. Plus it’s got room for some extra gels. You hardly notice you’re wearing it.
  6. And to prevent chafing, some type of non-petroleum jelly.

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