Telling someone that you think they are packing on the pounds is not as easy thing to do.

This is made even harder when you are in a long-term relationship with that someone. An individual’s weight is a sensitive issue, and because of the weight gain of a spouse is something that a lot of people will ignore.

However, this probably isn’t the right way to go.

Letting your wife know she is overweight and helping her lose some weight could be extremely beneficial to her health…

…and even improve her quality of life.

The issue? It won’t be easy to tell your wife to lose weight. But if it reduces her risk of developing various diseases and improves her confidence and self-esteem, it might be worth doing.

Just make sure you do it the right way.

When to tell your wife to lose weight


This may sounds counter intuitive, but often starting the conversation earlier rather than later is the best way to go.

Although weight does tend to fluctuate, if you feel your wife has put on a bit of weight and doesn’t really seem to be trying to lose any, now is the time.

By mentioning it early, it is a much smaller issue than if you were to wait until she had put on a large amount of weight.

Not only will it take longer to burn off, she is also likely to more conscious and concerned about her weight gain, and as such less receptive to your suggestions.

Bring up the topic carefully

‘Honey, I think you need to lose some weight’ (in slow and deliberate voice).

This sentence is likely to get a pretty negative response, no matter what tone of voice you decide to use. Trust me, please don’t do that.

Start by asking her how she has been feeling lately, and try to approach the topic from a health perspective. Express your concern for her health and offer to help.

It is likely she is more aware of her weight gain then you are and will want to do something about it, but may not be sure where to start.

Lose weight together

Don’t be that guy who suggests that his wife needs to exercise more and then sits on the couch drinking beer.

Getting and then keeping the motivation to exercise is hard.
This is made even harder if you are exercising alone.

As partners you should both challenge and motivate each other to live a healthier life.

This means you should put yourself through the same exercise regime your wife is going through. By making it a journey that you both go through, she is much more likely to stick to it.

Additionally, by training together it is much easier to make an exercise routine.

You can easily go for evening walks/jogs together, and organize your gym schedules so you train the same nights. By making this an organized routine, she is most likely going to continue with it, and will enjoy the opportunity to spend more time with you.

If you’re not sure how to tell your wife to lose weight, try these three steps!

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